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Tubular Drag Conveyors - Frequently Asked Questions

Hapman's Joe Zerbel, Tubular Drag Conveyor Product Manager, answers the most commonly asked questions regarding the Tubular Drag Conveyor. Here's a peek at the top five:

  • Can the chain discs be made of something more durable than plastic?
  • How many bends can exist in a single conveyor circuit?
  • What kind of maintenance does a Tubular Drag Conveyor require?
  • How frequently will I have to replace the discs?
  • Can I flood-feed the conveyor?

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How much does a Flexible Screw Conveyor cost?

One of the most basic questions we at Hapman are often asked is: How much does a Flexible Screw Conveyor cost? We wish it were that simple. Just like purchasing a car, you have many options to sort through and select which ones are best for you. For your conveyor application you face the same dilemma as we work with you to sort through the myriad of options which will work best with your particular material and process. Just about every application we see has its own nuances and requirements, so being able to provide a cost that covers the full spectrum of conveyor sizes, material of construction, and numerous options is almost impossible...

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