The Five Things To Look For In Your Equipment Supplier

Product Life and Longevity

Better Designs, Built Better

Hapman equipment is built to last, with outstanding engineering, fabrication and materials of construction. We draw on decades of proven engineering and field performance to ensure your Hapman product will stand up to your application.

  • 98.9% success rate; only 1.1% warranty claims since 2014
  • Hapman equipment is still operating in the field after 35 years
Large Hapman product
Man installing Hapman equipment

Built for Serviceability

Ease of Maintenance

Our equipment is designed for fast, easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. You know what a difference that can make in your uptime.

  • Since 2012, we have made 22 design improvements to maximize serviceability
  • 12 of the Design Changes Made for Tool-Less Access

Staff Expertise

Broad Industry Expertise and A Deep Knowledge Base

Rely on Hapman for experience in all major bulk processing industries. We retain experienced engineers who publish regularly and professionally support our industry.

  • Experience with over 2,700 distinct materials
  • 12,000+ applications for 80+ international companies in 26 countries
  • Over 7,300 Material Test Results on file
  • Extensive thought capital; see 80+ articles in the “News and Knowledge” section of our web site.
Engineer looking at plans
Two men installing Hapman equipment

Accurate, Complete Documentation

Regularly Updated Information

Every Hapman unit comes with the information you need to run it right, including complete manuals and regular updates and service bulletins.

  • Customized manuals with all Hapman equipment, including detailed drawings
  • Hundreds of manual revisions/updates distributed every year
  • Detailed reports for every service visit

Fast Access to Parts

24/7 Support to Get You Back in Action Fast

We’re standing by to get you the parts or service you need quickly, via toll-free phone or internet.

  • Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year
  • Program in place to expedite parts orders
  • $1.5 million worth of parts ready for immediate shipment
Hi lo driving through Hapman plant