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How Much Does a Flexible Screw Conveyor Cost?

One of the most basic questions we at Hapman are often asked is: How much does a flexible screw conveyor cost? We wish it were as simple as giving the same answer every time.

Just like purchasing a car, there are many options to sort through and select which ones are best for you. For your conveyor application, you face the same situation as we work together to consider which options will work best with your particular material and process. Just about every application we see has its own nuances and requirements, so being able to provide a single cost that covers the full spectrum of conveyor sizes, construction materials and numerous available options is almost impossible.

Choosing the right conveyor with the correct features and options is critical to ensure that you receive maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Unfortunately, some customers only focus on the initial price, thinking that “all flexible screw conveyors are the same.” Their main goal is finding the least-expensive solution, an approach that ignores the benefits of low maintenance, quality and warranty—and inevitably leads to regret.

To answer the original question, let’s start with the available sizes. Below is a chart of the standard conveyor sizes and the base costs for each. It is important to note that:

  1. These figures are based upon a base 304 SS with UHMW poly casing, an 8 cu/ft. 304 SS hopper, a 304 SS Drive Box and discharge, and a TEFC motor.
  2. The cost is based upon a discharge height of 10 ft at a 45° angle.


Model # 250 300 400 500 600 800
15-45 cfh 30-70 cfh 60-240 cfh 120-360 cfh 120-600 cfh 360-1,800 cfh
Base Cost $5,500 $5,800 $6,900 $7,800 $10,900 $12,800


Now, let’s look at just a few of the basic options which can be added to the above base conveyor:

Agitator – Used for helping the material flow into the auger (see available auger types). Many materials may be sluggish and not feed well, even with vibration. For those materials where additional flow assistance is required:

  • Pin Style – Used for semi free-flowing materials: $2,700
  • Ribbon Style – Used for high moisture, high fat materials: $4,500

Vibrator – Electric- or air-operated device mounted on the hopper to apply periodic vibration to help the material flow: $700

Level Sensors – Mounted in the feed hopper (in many applications two are required): $475-$900

Stainless Steel Casing – In lieu of the standard UHMW poly casing: $480

Portable Base – Carbon steel construction with controls mounted and wired: $3,200

Controls – From Fixed Speed with pushbuttons to Variable Speed drives: $2,400-$4,400

Support Mast – Bolts to grade level: $1,300 mild steel, $1,978 stainless steel

As you can see, the costs can vary greatly based upon the customization required. When you come to us for a proposal, we will ask plenty of questions and thoroughly examine each option. This ensures that our proposed solution will provide the best possible performance for your unique application, at the lowest possible cost—resulting in success for your project.

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The information on this page was updated in December 2018. Please contact us to confirm specific costs related to your project or to request a quote.