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Industrial Internet of Things: What It Is and Why It Will Be Important to Your Success

Based on the name alone, the Internet of Things, or IoT, sounds a bit cryptic and complicated. In terms of what it does, it really is rather simple. In basic terms, IoT is when an electronic device with “smart” capability and an on/off switch is connected to the internet.

In practice, IoT refers to millions of tiny devices collecting and sending data automatically across the internet. On a personal level, you’re probably aware of IoT without even knowing it. Common devices that incorporate IoT functionality include wristbands that monitor your fitness level and thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your daily activity.

In the near future, this technology that makes people’s lives easier won’t be limited to the consumer realm. Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, will be all about boosting productivity and improving the efficiency of equipment and operations. Forward-thinking material handling companies will use sensors, small computers, and wireless networks to collect and analyze data across their entire facilities.

It will be a whole new way to manage operations in manufacturing sectors and heavy industries. Soon it will be possible to detect issues before they cause problems in your application, damage to your equipment, or disruptions to your process.

IIoT is definitely on the rise, and the reasons are clear: According to IBM, companies are seeing an average ROI that’s 10 times higher than their initial IIoT investment, and 75% of manufacturers plan to implement IIoT in the next five years – effectively incorporating technological advancements into their industrial processes. The new technology has also caused a boost in productivity from:

  • Connected and transparent operations
  • The elimination of unplanned downtime
  • Dramatic improvements in operational efficiency
  • Heightened safety and environmental awareness

Hapman plans to be fully on board with the new IIoT revolution in industrial operations. All of our systems will soon include sensors that proactively find bottlenecks in your process, diagnose efficiency issues, and identify the optimum operational methods for your specific operation. With Hapman on the cutting edge of IIoT technology in the coming months and years, our customers could potentially see an estimated 30% increase in productivity and an estimated 48% reduction in unplanned downtime.

Read the white paper to learn more about the benefits of IIoT and how Hapman will soon be using it to revolutionize processes in the material handling industry.