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Coming soon: the Industrial Internet of Things – Stay a step ahead with smart material handling equipment from Hapman.

At Hapman, we always take a proactive approach to solving our customers’ biggest bulk material handling challenges. We’re also proud of our company culture, which is driven by new ideas, fresh thinking, and continuous improvement. These philosophies are the foundation of everything we do, and our Industrial Internet of Things initiative is no different.

We will soon offer IIoT as an add-on or retrofit upgrade to any new or existing Hapman material handling equipment and conveying system. With this rapidly growing tech revolution, Hapman will raise the bar even higher for the performance, availability, and reliability of our bulk material handling solutions.

In simple terms, IIoT is a network of small, affordable, and connected sensors that acts as a “nervous system” for your bulk material handling systems. Our IIoT solution will deliver the infrastructure and software necessary to collect and analyze system data from virtually any end-user connected device, such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Robust analytics capabilities will provide real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance, as well as operational insights from conveyor systems that can be applied back to the factory floor to streamline processes.

IIoT will be a whole new way to manage operations in manufacturing sectors and heavy industries. Continuously available data that gives advance notice of any performance issue will make it possible to detect bulk material handling issues before they cause problems in your application, damage to your conveying equipment, or disruptions to your process.

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