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How a Lump Breaker Prevents Clumping in the Bulk Material Handling Process

During the process of conveying materials, every second counts. Unfortunately, lumps and natural agglomerations can slow down the conveying process, or even send it to a complete halt. When this happens, you need a lump breaker unit to get things back on track.

Hapman, which designs and manufactures some of the best bulk material handling systems and equipment in the world, has an answer for these pesky clumps – our state-of-the-art LumpMaster lump breaker system. The LumpMaster product is designed to break down clumps into small, easy-to-flow particles within seconds to prevent any issues and to keep your operation and production running smoothly year-round.

Lump breakers are best utilized in an inline operation at the discharge point of raw material and are a necessary piece of equipment for the majority of bulk material handling systems. For more information about our LumpMaster lump breaker system, contact Hapman today.

How Does the LumpMaster Work?

The LumpMaster system is designed to reduce natural agglomerations that would otherwise occur during storage, shipping, or to reduce deliberately compacted materials. The LumpMaster system’s design allows it to be integrated into any new or existing feeding system.

Featuring counter-rotating dual shafts, outboard bearings, and a direct coupled drive, the machine easily tears through and breaks these lumps and agglomerations as they enter down into easy-to-convey particles. The particle size can be as small as three-quarters of an inch after being broken down by our lump breakers.

The shaft weldments on our lump breakers are designed to rotate and crush the material until it’s a smaller size and can pass through the machine. This allows materials and larger lumps to be effectively handled and turned into a powder by downstream conveyors.

Hapman’s team of engineers designed the LumpMaster system to fit compactly under manual bag emptying stations, discharge points of storage silos and containers, and under manual bag emptying stations. For all of your company’s conveying system needs, Hapman can help.

Options for the LumpMaster Lump Breaker

Some of the design options available for the LumpMaster lump breaker system include:

  • Carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Available in three sizes, 12 in sq (30.5 cm), 18 in sq (45.7 cm) or 24 in sq (60.9 cm)
  • Washdown or explosion-proof applications are available
  • Heavy-duty construction brings years of trouble-free use
  • Available in three sizes, 12 in sq (30.5 cm), 18 in sq (45.7 cm) or 24 in sq (60.9 cm)
  • Compact, low-profile design offers more inline installation options
  • Impacting fingers break lumps into three-quarter-inch pieces

Contact Hapman for all of Your Bulk Material Handling Needs

When you work with the experts at Hapman, we’ll take the time to learn what your specific needs, challenges, and goals are by asking you the right questions through the buying process. We’ll then find the best material handling equipment or system options that fit your specific application. No matter the type of industrial product, solution, or equipment that your company is in need of, we’ve got a solution that can help. Our company will always have your best interests in mind.

For more information about our LumpMaster lump breaking system, or other handling products and equipment, contact Hapman today to request a quote.