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How Much Does a Bulk Bag Unloader Cost?

Bulk bag unloaders are basically frames used for supporting and unloading FIBCs (bulk bags). In order to properly and safely lift and unload these bulk bags, there are many factors to consider in an equipment decision. The exact options, features and functional selections all contribute to the cost of a specific bulk bag unloader, which can range from $8,000 to upwards of $80,000, depending on the application’s requirements.

Here are some of the basic questions we will help you consider and resolve in order to obtain an accurate cost:

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  1. How do you want to load the bulk bag into the frame, with a hoist and trolley or a forklift truck?
  2. What is the size of the bulk bag (remember, there is no such thing as a “standard” size)?
  3. What is the weight of the bulk bag?
  4. Is the bulk bag a “one trip” bag or is it reusable?
  5. If the bulk bag is reusable, what is the spout dimension?
  6. Do you require a frame made with carbon steel, stainless steel or a special finish?
  7. Is dusting an issue in your facility?
  8. Is the material free-flowing or will flow aids be required?
  9. Is it a batch system, where loss-in-weight is required?
  10. Do you need to close the bags before they are empty?

These questions only scrape the surface of all of the details you must consider when specifying a bulk bag unloader. The intent of this list is to provide you with a general idea of the factors that can impact the final cost of your equipment.

Now, with these questions in mind, let’s take a look at how they affect the overall cost of a bulk bag unloader:




Base Frame Cost Based Upon Loading Device: (Carbon Steel)

Forklift Truck
Hoist & Trolley



Hoist & Trolley: (Based upon bag weight)

1 ton
2 ton



Access Chamber & Iris Valve: (Based upon sprout size)




Adder for Stainless Steel:

Forklift Truck
Hoist & Trolley



Dust Containment Required:

Integral Dust Collector



Flow Aid Required:

Agitation Paddles



Batch System:

Load Cells & Batch Controller



Bag to be Tied Before Empty:

Pinch Valve



Depending on the components your application requires, you are looking at roughly a $25,000 to $30,000 spend.

Please note that the above cost should only be used as a reference, but it can provide an idea of the additional costs associated with options, features and other operational requirements. Click here to see the complete list of available options.

We hope that you find this information beneficial. When you come to Hapman to request a quote on a bulk bag unloader, we will ask you plenty of questions—and with good reason. We want to make sure that we thoroughly understand your needs, requirements and operating conditions so that the equipment we specify and quote is exactly what you need.

The information on this page was updated in December 2018. Please contact us to confirm specific costs related to your project or to request a quote.