Werner G. Smith, a chemical manufacturer, was awarded a long-term contract for a new customer. Because of this new contract they needed to load and transport fifty (50) pallets of 55 lb. bags in a box truck. The box truck would transport the pallets from the warehouse to the reactor building. At the reactor building five employees formed a human chain, off-loading each of the 55-pound bags from the box truck and reloading them on pallets inside the production building. The pallets were then hoisted up one story where an operator would manually pull an individual bag from the pallet, cut the bag and dump it directly into the reactor. Each batch took 16 hours and required 200 bags of material. The company was producing two batches per shipment at a rate of two shipments per week. This meant in one week the five employees were manually moving over 800 55-pound bags multiple times.

Werner G. Smith wanted to drastically reduce the physical strain on their workers, improve productivity, and decrease cost/output.

Enter Hapman.

Learn more about how Hapman helped Werner G. Smith to achieve:

  • Cost savings in raw material purchases
  • Improved worker safety
  • Production time decrease
  • Effective labor allocation

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