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Product Brochure: Bulk Bag Unloader

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Maximize Your Bulk Material Purchases.
  • Unloads bulk bags easily and safely.
  • Assures smooth discharge of your products with a complete range of flow aid options.
  • Installs quickly with a two-piece frame, or fits in tight spaces with a low-profile frame
  • Eliminates product loss through spillage and dusting.
  • Ability to start/stop flow with discharge valve and tie box.

Product Brochure: Bulk Bag Unloader | Hapman.com



  • Standard frame: 3 in (7.62 cm) square, 7-gauge tubing – custom frames to fit application requirements are available
  • Optional agitator fabricated of carbon or stainless steel requires 5 scfm (0.142 m3/min) at 80 psig (5.5 bar).
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel with a variety of finishes including enamel paint, FDA epoxy, Steel-it and powder-coated.


  • Trolley motor .400 kw, amps are 1.6 at 460 volts, or configured to match supply voltages.


  • Four frame-mounted load cell kit includes stainless steel junction box, four carbon or stainless steel compression mounts, four single-ended beam load cells and 25 ft (7.62 m) of load cell cable.
  • Self-Contained Dust Control System: These units eliminate dust and loss of product in half the space of stand-alone units and cost 25% less.
  • Hoists: Suit any application with optional pneumatic and electric hoists when using hoist and trolley style frame.
  • Valves: Get more precise flow control with optional iris or pinch valves. Even retie bags when necessary.
  • Material Discharge Optimization: Improve material discharge with optional pan utilizing rubber vibration dampers and ATEX-rated electric vibrator (not shown).
  • Customized Engineered Designs: Fit tight spaces with a custom-designed frame when you need to work around or straddle another piece of equipment or obstruction.
  • Pneumatic Agitator Paddles: Ideal for use with material that is easily compacted or difficult-to-dispense, agitator paddles mitigate bridging and rat holes.
  • Hydraulic Bag Conditioners: Designed to break up bags of hardened material (not shown).

Product Brochure: Bulk Bag Unloader | Hapman.com