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Product Brochure: Material Handling Solutions Move Powders and Bulk Solids Where You Need Them

The Hapman Difference
How We Deliver Guaranteed Performance
We are a global manufacturer of standard and custom bulk material handling equipment and complete material handling systems, with locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our process has been proven over 12,000 applications in 26 countries worldwide.

We don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, our commitment to you is that we will ask the right questions, delving deep into your needs, challenges and goals to deliver the very best equipment or system options for your application.

The Hapman Difference | Hapman.com

Expert staff

Our engineers draw on experience gained in design, installation and customer support in over 12,000 installations worldwide.

Broad industry experience

Hapman has experience in all major bulk processing industries, including chemicals, food, polymers and plastics, building products, minerals processing, power generation, wastewater treatment and more. We also publish extensively; see 80+ articles in the “News and Knowledge” section of our website.

Long equipment life

Hapman designs for durability and serviceability. We have equipment still operating in the field after 35 years.

Easy to service

Our equipment is designed for fast, easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. In the last 10 years, we have made 22 design improvements for faster, easier serviceability.

Accurate, complete documentation

Every unit comes with regularly-updated manuals and documentation.

Extensive testing

Over the past 40 years we have conducted over 7,300 material tests to ensure our equipment will work as needed for our customers’ applications.

How We Deliver Guaranteed Performance | Hapman.com
Our Performantee is a 100% operational guarantee | Hapman.com

Our Performantee is a 100% operational guarantee that pledges you will be fully satisfied with the performance results of our bulk material handling equipment, and that it will achieve the specific results for which it was designed and manufactured. If it does not, we will revise, repair or make whatever changes are necessary to deliver the results you specified and we promised.

24/7 Technical Support

We provide 24/7 technical support access to get the answers you need to keep your material moving. 800.427.6260 (US/Can)

24/7 Technical Support | Hapman.com

Move Material Faster, Safer, Easier.

Whether you need to reduce dusting, move ingredients in multiple directions, stop fragile product breakage, speed conveyor cleaning between batches – or any other conveyance challenge – Hapman offers three solutions.

Move Material Faster, Safer, Easier. | Hapman.com

Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyors

Move bulk powders and solids with simple, cost-efficient conveyor.

Our multiple design options let you tailor a Helix® flexible screw conveyor to the flow rate, capacity, sanitation and durability specifications you need to move your materials safely and efficiently. Toolless T-handle couplings and driver box cover speed servicing.

Helix Flexible Screw Conveyors | Hapman.com
Vacuum Conveyors | Hapman.com

Vacuum Conveyors

Stop wasting profits and energy on plant air.

Hapman’s Vacuum Conveyor uses a highly efficient, integral regenerative blower that reduces your energy costs. Its side-door filter allows toolless access and increases installation flexibility.

Tubular Drag Conveyors

Replace multiple conveyors with one.

Tubular drag conveyors move your product in a completely sealed system so there’s less chance for dusting, explosions or product contamination. These systems use less energy than other conveyors and allow you to convey even your most challenging products vertically, horizontally, at any angle and around corners. Design enhancements for serviceability include removable panels on drive and take-up boxes, hinged access openings, auto-tensioner, removable brush box brush and redesigned discharge gate.

Tubular Drag Conveyors | Hapman.com

Run Cleaner, More Efficient Bag Operations.

Hapman products can help you handle bulk and smaller bags cleanly and efficiently. Reduce dust and spillage, creating a safer, cleaner work environment.

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Discharge products smoothly, efficiently.

Empty bags quickly and safely, even in explosive or sanitary environments. Modular components are adaptable to a variety of applications, and a complete range of options ensures your materials flow properly. Design enhancements for serviceability include improved agitator assembly design and slide-in, low profile frame.

Bulk Bag Unloaders | Hapman.com
Bulk Bag Fillers | Hapman.com

Bulk Bag Fillers

Increase filling efficiency, make bags easier to stack.

Two bulk bag filler designs feed directly from your equipment or one of Hapman’s three types of conveyors. Enhancements such a pull-forward removable fill head, remote bag release, densifi cation, de-aeration, batch weighing and transport conveyors increase your production efficiencies.

Bag Dump Station

Keep material in your process and of the floor.

Hapman bag dump stations are available in various designs that function as part of a complete conveying system, stand-alone units or custom-engineered units attached to existing equipment. A wide selection of options increases worker safety and assures uniform product flow. Improved dust collectors feature easy side-access filter removal and toolless front filter removal.

Bag Dump Station | Hapman.com
Bag Compactor | Hapman.com

Bag Compactor

Run your shifts cleaner, safer and more economically.

The Hapman bag compactor’s enclosed design protects employees and the plant environment from dust. Operate unit as a stand-alone or in combination with a Hapman bag dump station for maximum dust control.

Solidquid® Powder and Liquid Delivery System

Pre-mix dry ingredients into a liquid stream.

Save time, energy and floor space with Hapman’s Solidquid®. It automatically and precisely unloads, measures and delivers a variety of dry bulk ingredients as a pre-blended slurry to your mix tank, blender or other process equipment. Its small footprint offers you more layout options, too.

Solidquid Powder and Liquid Delivery System | Hapman.com

Enhance Product Flow.

Customizing Hapman equipment to your needs is second nature for Hapman engineers. With these add-ons you can improve ingredient portion controls and reduce the clumping that slows or stops your process.

PosiPortion Feeder | Hapman.com

PosiPortion® Feeder

Improve product flow with gravimetric or volumetric feeding.

PosiPortion® feeder performs more functions than any other single-feeder in the industry. Its quick-removable flexible hopper with external agitation improves product flow, reduces bridging, minimizes material contact surfaces, simplifies cleaning and reduces opportunity for contamination.

LumpMaster Lump Breaker | Hapman.com

LumpMaster® Lump Breaker

Reduce compacted material and agglomerations to easy-to-convey product.

Prevent compacted materials and agglomerations from slowing or stopping your process. Within seconds, this economical accessory can break down clumps into easy-to-flow particles. Removable tines for easier cleaning and serviceability.

A Growing Manufacturing Footprint | Hapman.com

A GrowingManufacturing Footprint

Since 2016, new investments have expanded our manufacturing space to 120,000 square feet at our Kalamazoo facilities.

Bulk Material Handling Systems.

Unlike liquid or gaseous systems, the flow dynamics of bulk material systems is not static. Bulk Density and flow characteristics can change throughout the material handling process creating challenges and process inefficiencies. Our experienced team can design and build a complete material handling system with integrated controls to save time and money, and avoid loss of production. Below are just a few examples of the innovative systems we have designed and built for customers in a range of industries.

Hapman Iris | Hapman.com

Hapman Iris

See the whole picture

Hapman Iris, our IIoT solution, provides real-time monitoring and data collection from our conveyor systems. Robust analytics provide operational insights for predictive maintenance and improvement of factory floor processes.

Dry Ingredients Handling/Batching System | Hapman.com

Dry Ingredients Handling/Batching System

Transfer and blending for three ingredients

A loss-in-weight system for the unloading, sifting, mixing and feeding of seven dry ingredients used in a high-volume food manufacturing facility. System also includes final batter process for coating the end product. All components are sanitary finish and designed for quick cleanability and ease of maintenance.

Filling System for Packaging Line | Hapman.com

Filling System for Packaging Line

Reliable food ingredient handling

This filling system unloads, reduces agglomerations, conveys and precisely meters three food ingredients which are blended and delivered to the packaging line below the mezzanine.

Controls and Automation | Hapman.com

Controls and Automation

Keeping Bulk Solids Handling Connected

Hapman designs and provides a vast array of control systems for equipment operation, gain-in-weight, loss-in-weight, continuous batching applications – as well as PLC-HMI that utilize bar code printers and can communicate to multiple types of communication protocols.

Find Solutions To Your Toughest Handling Challenges.

It can be tough to convey powders and bulk solids to where you need them. That’s why Hapman engineers continually find better, more cost-efficient ways to move materials. Hapman provides solutions to help you manage:

Dusting | Hapman.com

Dust control systems to increase plant cleanliness and safety, cut product losses

Cleaning Challenges | Hapman.com
Cleaning Challenges

Systems designed for fast, easy cleaning and compliance with sanitary standards

Ingredient Segregation | Hapman.com
Ingredient Segregation

System design, sizing and geometry to maintain consistent product composition

Batching Inefficiencies and Waste | Hapman.com
Batching Inefficiencies and Waste

Metering, lump-breaking and flexible screw conveying systems

Material Degradation | Hapman.com
Material Degradation

Systems that protect material integrity in batch, intermittent and continuous flow

Process Inconsistencies | Hapman.com
Process Inconsistencies

Designs that prevent spillage, obstructions, bottlenecks and downtime

Solve the process challenges you face.

Your solution starts by our engineers listening to your specific needs and developing ideas that will move your material. So contact us or submit your request for a quote today. There are Hapman sales representatives located around the world ready to help you see process improvements you never thought possible.

Equipment For Enhanced Material Processing

Equipment For Enhanced Material Processing | Hapman.com