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How to Effectively Handle Ammonium Nitrate with a Tubular Drag Conveyor

Maintaining the integrity of your product is crucial, but it can also be a major challenge. In the case of Dyno Nobel, a manufacturer of explosives and explosion management services in the mining, oil and gas, exploration, fertilizers, construction and concrete and building materials industries, the challenge was unfortunately a reality.

The previous system in place for rail car unloading consisted of screw conveyors, bucket elevators and belt conveyors. It was an extremely inefficient system and created problems with unacceptable product degradation.

Finding the Right Solution

Knowing that it was time to find a solution to their conveying problems, Dyno Nobel hired an outside engineering firm to source a new equipment manufacturer who would meet their demands. This is where Hapman was introduced to the explosives manufacturer. Dyno Nobel had several considerations that needed to be addressed by Hapman.

  • The system must handle the prill as gently as possible to maintain product integrity. The performance of ammonium nitrate demands the material remain in original prill form.
  • The system must be dust tight. Outside elements of any kind getting in the conveyor are unacceptable.
  • System must be able to start and stop under a full load of material.
  • Lastly, it must be dependable.

Partnership Creates Success

After deciding to work with Hapman based on the reliability of the company, the wheels began to turn. Hapman provided Dyno Nobel with a stainless steel Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor. The stainless steel provided resistance to corrosion, the heavy-duty chain selection allows the Hapman Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor to easily start and stop and an air-driven interface assembly was included to ensure material was not exposed to open air.

The turn-key Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor system allowed Dyno Nobel to be successful in the conveyance of Ammonium Nitrate Prill. The engineers, design and implementation and start-up teams worked together to understand the challenges of the applications and found ways to solve them.

Learn how Hapman was able to create a successful ammonium nitrate handling process for Dyno Nobel with the Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor.

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