bulk bag filler plastics line of equipment

A plastics manufacturer needed a bulk bag filler that could be adjusted to fill a variety of large bag sizes (tall as 72 inches). In addition, the customer required a means to accurately weigh the bags to an accuracy of 1 pound.


They relied on Hapman’s years of experience for and effective solution. Hapman provided an extended height frame with a motorized, cantilevered hanging frame to accommodate all of the bag sizes. Weighing the bags to an accuracy of one pound was accomplished using base mounted load cells and a programmable batch controller. Hapman also provided a venturi style bag pre-inflator / de-aerator (to remove folds and wrinkles) along with a pneumatic densification system to assure consistent, properly filled FIBC’s.


The customer’s needs were fulfilled. The Hapman supplied bulk bag filling system performed flawlessly. Efficiency was increased even when switching from one bag size to the other.