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Breakfast Food Packaging Line

Materials: Dried Fruits, Oats, and Sugars

Challenge: Our customer secured a new large client to deliver a consumer breakfast product.

Application: Two Bulk Bag Unloaders with pneumatic agitation, discharge material from the bags. To break up the clumps, a Lumpmaster is in place at the discharge of the bag. Conveyors include a Slipstick, from a sister company and two Helix Flexible Screw Conveyors. These feed two additional conveyors on top of the mezzanine. System controls make sure the ingredients are accurately distributed to the packaging line below.

Rendering of Hapman System Breakfast Food Packaging Line

Lithium Mining Application

Material: Lithium

Challenge: Automate a labor-intensive mixing process of combining dry materials with neutralization properties with process water for wastewater treatment in order to reduce costs as demand and price for Lithium escalated.

Application: A bag dump station with dust collector, empties into a feeder hopper which meters flow of dry material into our exclusive Solidquid eductor system. The eductor combines the dry material with the dirty process water to make a slurry which is pumped to one of two mixing tanks where further blending occurs.

Rendering of Solidquid Mixing Skid Lithium Mining Application

Minerals Packaging Application

Material: Minerals

Challenge: Customer produced bagged fertilizers and needed to expand packaging to meet growing demand.

Application: Each material is accurately metered with our gravimetric feeders. Material is conveyed, on demand from the Bulk Bag Unloaders using the Helix Flexible Screw Conveyor, and from the storage silo using our Tubular Drag Conveyor. The metered material is discharged from each feeder into a mill below the platform where a second Tubular Drag Conveyor takes the blended material to a load-out station outside the building.

Rendering of Hapman Lime Mixer Minerals Application

Snack Food Production Application

Material: Corn Meal

Challenge: A new plant required a system for their cracker production.

Application: A Bulk Bag Unloader empties into a hopper. When a batch is required, the Helix Flexible Screw Conveyor will run until the correct weight is achieved in the mixer. The mixer will discharge into a surge hopper when the hopper reads low level. Material will be stored until one of the four extruders call for material at which time the appropriate discharge gate will open, Tubular Drag Conveyor will start, and material will transfer until extruder is full.

Rendering of Snack Food Production Application

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