Designed and Built in-house, our complete material handling systems include full-service control packages and automation for process optimization.

Just as important as choosing the correct equipment for your application, Hapman will provide proper integration of the material handling equipment into your plant operations and automation systems. Our in-house engineering team and panel shop supply standard configurations as well as custom packages for your bulk material handling equipment and systems.

Our full-service control packages range from:

Our complete packages support:

Control System Engineering and Implementation

Whether your needs are binary I/O or more complex processors that control broader plant processes and utilities, our experienced team can custom design an architecture to meet your communication requirements. Programmable Logic Controllers are the foundation of knowing what is happening within your material handling plant and evaluating operations against output goals. We have worked with a wide array of PLC manufacturers including:

21st Century and Beyond – Communication for Manufacturing 4.0

Our Ideas That Move™ philosophy is the driver behind our innovation and collaboration. We move with the continually evolving needs of our customers in food, chemical, nutraceutical, building materials, power generation, pharmaceutical, minerals processing, and wastewater treatment.

We can deliver communication beyond simple event notifications. Operations and facilities have evolved toward predictive maintenance and real-time, actionable data through IOT, IIOT, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning, and Smart Factory initiatives. Talk to us – we can discuss solutions for your specific plant operations.