Remove the Weak Links in Your Bulk Material Handling System.

In any industry where profit and success are determined by how effectively you can handle material or move it from point A to point B, the margin for error is slim. You need to precisely coordinate the safe transfer of material while minimizing product loss, time, and energy.

What you don’t need are process inefficiencies that cause material spillage, obstructions, bottlenecks, damage to your equipment, downtime due to maintenance troubleshooting, or a complete system malfunction. And when it comes to new equipment, you want to make sure your purchase can be seamlessly integrated into your system so you are configured to handle any eventuality.

At Hapman, we evaluate your system from every angle, taking into account factors like flow rates, bulk density, capacity, and environmental factors, to provide you with the right solution for your operation. Our engineers work closely with you to help you reduce downtime caused by inefficient conveying, ensuring that your system is specified to handle the right weight and size of your material. We also consider the impact of ambient temperature, humidity, and moisture so your material does not become sticky and build up on the surface of the conveyor, where it can impede or obstruct your line.

Because we get to know you and your processes from the inside out, we help you save more of your product and minimize maintenance time. That way you can hit your goals for throughput and cost more quickly and effectively. We provide not only the equipment but the expertise to design a system that can handle the critical variables involved in your specific material handling process.

Download a case study to learn more about how Hapman can calibrate and account for all of the moving parts in a bulk material handling process. Then contact us today to enjoy the increased peace of mind, efficiency, and safety that comes with a Hapman material handling solution.