The system can reliably accept a pallet of material and introduce it into a process in under 10 minutes with no operator involvement at 99.9% efficiency. This product is the perfect complement with Hapman Bulk Unloaders in Hapman Batching and Blending Systems. It can also be integrated with any Hapman Conveyor, dramatically improving process uptime while resolving labor constraints.

Hapman’s AMC Technology can automate the supply of material from warehousing and removal of empty pallets eliminating employee intervention in the area beyond routine maintenance.

Manual vs Automatic Unloading

Hapman Manual Dump Station

Manual Dump Stations


  • Low cost
  • Great dust control when integral dust collection is included.
  • Reliable with minimum maintenance.
  • Ideal for minor ingredient additions.


  • Relatively low capacity and rate of material introduction. A trained operator requires 45-60 seconds to empty a 50 lb (25 kg) bag at ground level with good ergonomics.
  • Studies have proven operators only empty 98-99% of bag contents. That equates to thousands of pounds per day and hundreds of thousands of pounds per year for high volume applications.
  • Contamination risk is very high including articles from employees, bag cutters, parts of bags, etc.
  • High employee injury rates, insurance costs, turn-over rates and general labor costs.
  • Empty bag management is typically an issue and a housekeeping concern.

Expense from Material Loss*

2000 bags/day x 50 lbs/bag x 1% loss/bag x $1/lb = $1,000, 1000 lbs in lost material per day of operation, $182,500 annually

Hapman Fully Automatic Unloading System

Hapman’s Fully Automatic Unloading System


  • Highest known throughput method for introducing material in small bags.
  • Proven and guaranteed 99.99% emptying efficiency which can provide hundreds of thousands of material pounds (kgs) per year over hand dump stations. See the examples below.
  • Maximum protection from contamination.
  • Improved empty bag management and compact storage.
  • Minimal costs from labor, injury, turnover, and training.
  • Good dust control with integral dust collection.
  • Higher labor moral and low turnover enables re-deployment to other areas of need.


  • Cannot currently handle paper bags that are not laminated or contain non-paper liners.

Savings from Material Loss*

2000 bags/day x 50 lbs/bag x 0.1% loss/bag x $1/lb = $100, 100 lbs in lost material per day of operation, nearly $150,000 in material savings alone annually

*$1/lb material value, 50 lb bags, 1000-2000 bags per day

Product Details

Image of stacked bags

All of the Hapman LaborSave solutions average less than 1 second per bag emptying and leave less than 0.01% of material behind, guaranteed.

Image of empty bags being processed

Empty bags are effectively compacted into an integral storage container only requiring replacement every 1500-2000 bags, dramatically improving housekeeping and cleanliness.

Image of machine stacking bags on pallets

Maintenance is extremely minimal keeping sensors clear of debris and sharpening the knifes, which have remained effective for years in many applications.

Image of a stack of pallets

The standard option can accommodate pallets 35-50 inches, including 48 x 40, 48 x 48 and 40 x 40 inch, the most common in the US.

Image of stacked bags

Layers of bags can have up to 6 in of variance in height and the overall stack can have up to 8 inches of offset, which we’ve found is all you can allow without the stack tipping over or falling apart.

Image with blue overlay and UL compliance logo

The equipment is designed for UL, Cat 4 safety, and GMP compliance.

Performantee Shield

Proof of our unwavering confidence in our product and team.

Our Performantee is a 100% operational guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the performance of our equipment, and that it will achieve the specific results for which it was designed and manufactured. If not, we will revise or repair it to deliver the results we promised.

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