We Have More Efficient, More Energy-saving and More Cost-containing Solutions

Driving down material handling costs in this tight-margin industry helps to keep your company competitive. And at Hapman we have spent decades developing more efficient, more energy-saving, more cost-containing ways to move plastic pellets.

With our material handling equipment and conveyance systems, you can minimize the moisture that causes stickiness. Lower residue buildup on your conveyor lines and at discharge points. Keep dust emissions and electrostatic charge to a minimum. We can even help you make batch-to-batch cleanup faster and easier so there’s less product waste.

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We design most of our equipment with a small footprint and offer portable models, custom configurations, and installation flexibility that frees up more usable space for production. Hapman dust collectors eliminate the expense of auxiliary fans and filters. Integral regenerative blowers lower energy costs and can eliminate the need for expensive shop air. Computer controls automate your processes and improve delivery consistency. And all Hapman products are designed to minimize the amount of labor and time you need to maintain and clean them.

Hapman offers solutions for the plastics industry’s biggest challenges:

And those solutions have helped to create a full line of material handling and conveyor equipment that you can use individually or as a system:

So to improve the efficiency and performance of your plastics handling, contact us. We’re ready to analyze the best way to get the results you want.