Tubular Drag Conveyors

Image of Hapman tubular drag conveyor in a Z-style configuration

Instinctively, we know there are advantages and disadvantages unique to every single conveyor type. Selecting the right conveyor for a particular need is an important decision but it need not be daunting task. Across the broadest spectrum of material compositions, flow behaviors and special characteristics, one conveyor will check more of your boxes that any other – the Hapman Tubular Drag conveyor. For over 70 years, this conveyor has moved everything from A to Z, in markets that are nearly as many and varied as the materials themselves.


Tubular Drag Conveyor Features

  • Dust-free operation
  • Convey up to 30 cfm
  • Multiple chain and flight options
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Eliminate multiple conveyors with conveyor
  • Conveys vertically
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Start/Stop under load
  • Gentle handling, maintaining material integrity
  • Heavy duty pipe and flanges

Tubular Drag Conveyor Options

Hapman’s custom-built tubular drag conveying systems move some of the toughest products up to hundreds of feet: from hardened steel shot to bacon grease waste, from fishmeal and bones to explosive materials. Our expert consultants and engineers can spec out and build a system based on your specific bulk material handling needs. Paths are virtually limitless and multiple inlets and outlets are possible with our Tubular Drag Conveyors.

In addition to optimum conveying, our sealed Tubular Drag Conveyors offer:

  • Brush box cleaning
  • Discharge gate
  • Auto-tensioner
  • Clean-in-Place
Tubular Drag Conveyor Discharge Gate For Complete Material Release | Hapman.com

Discharge Gate for Complete Material Release. See video below to view process.

Tubular Drag Conveyor Brush Box | Hapman.com

Brush Box for Easy Cleanability. See video below to view process.

Tubular Drag Conveyor Specifications

The chart below represents the optimum convey rate for most materials based on average capacity in cubic feet/minute and pipe size. Actual capacities vary depending on the material type, its abrasiveness and flow character.

The importance of choosing the right conveyor chain and flight assembly

Most tubular drag manufacturers have only one type of chain, but Hapman offers a variety of chain and flight types, all designed, built and applied for a specific purpose. When combined with extensive application knowledge of our experience staff you can be assured of receiving the very best solution for your conveying needs.


Product Brochures
Product Brochure: Tubular Drag Conveyors
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  • Gentle Handling
  • Product Separation
  • Product Degradation
  • Clean-in-Place



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