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The Tubular Drag Conveyor ensures that materials are transported gently, with en masse movement limiting turbulence, reducing wear and tear. Operating with high torque at low speeds, means it is remarkably energy-efficient while delivering the robust, dependable performance you need. As such, a minimal fraction of the product grazes the pipe walls, diminishing the chance of abrasive degradation.

Robust and versatile, our conveyor is capable of stopping and restarting even when fully loaded. Such a feature saves time and prevents wastage, allowing for a seamless operation during unexpected halts or necessary pauses in the workflow. While the completely enclosed, dust-tight design is crafted for industries challenged by the management of dusty, smelly, toxic, or hazardous materials.

Standard Features


There are a dozen or so basic layouts but the customization of those, particularly to leg lengths and bend angles is practically limitless. This enables the Tubular Drag Conveyor to meet the unique demands of every layout. Our expert application engineers and designers will work with you to discover the most efficient layout for your specific needs.

High Structural Integrity

Built to last, our conveyors are constructed using heavy Schedule 40 pipes—or Schedule 80 as an optional upgrade. This choice in material provides an exceptional lifespan against abrasion and deterioration that typically plagues thinner walled alternatives.

Interlocking Pipe Connection

Continuous welding and an innovative offset of slotted round flanges forge a strong, interlocking pipe connection. This design not only ensures a secure, steadfast assembly but also contributes to the overall rigidity of the conveyor system. Each pipe connection has a stamped number, the numbers are shown on the layout drawing and help erect the conveyor.

Chain and Flight Options

Sealed pin with poly flights chain part

Sealed Pin Chain and UHMW Flights

Sealed pin chain is the most universally applicable as it is used for handling the widest range of material types, from gritty abrasives to food byproducts. Unlike open-architecture types, this heavy duty engineered chain utilizes sealing washers to keep material out of the articulating aspect of the chain, which can be extremely beneficial when handling certain products.

Rivetless with poly flights chain part

Rivetless Chain and UHMW Flights

Our first choice for many applications, this rugged, dependable drag chain performs exceptionally well in situations where an open architecture chain can be applied.

rivetless with iron flights chain part

Rivetless Chain and Cast Iron Flights

Iron flights are one example of alternative flight types we offer, to overcome specific challenges such as elevated temperatures.

uni deal chain part

Uni-Seal Chain

Uni-Seal chain is like sealed pin chain but with a universal link in place of the standard center link. This allows the chain to navigate between bends with short straight lengths of pipe.

Round-Link Chain

Nearly all Tubular Drag manufacturers offer the Round-Link chain, most to the exclusion of all other chain types. The reason is primarily due to its availability and relatively low cost as compared to engineered chains. As logic would suggest, round-link chains have their limitations but, in some instances, a round-link chain is “good enough.” However, customers expect more from Hapman and we value that reputation, so we are far less likely to recommend it.


​Self-Cleaning Discharge Gate

Our rounded gates conform to the pipe, which acts much like a bomb bay door, so there is no place for your material to become trapped.

Chain hammers in a tubular drag conveyor

Chain Hammers

An impact shoe assembly attached to the free end of the spring projects through a seal inside the conveyor and into proximity with passing flights (pucks). When energized, movement of the spring plate causes the impact shoe to reciprocate, striking the flights with enough frequency and amplitude to dislodge materials that may otherwise have a tendency to stick to the chain.

Brush Box

Often used in addition to chain hammers or air knives and usually at the last discharge points, brush boxes can provide an added measure of flight and chain cleaning to minimize problematic material build up and carryover. These have also been incorporated into schemes utilizing washing, rinsing, and deodorizing.


For some applications the layout of the conveyor, or the lack of maintenance availability, can create a scenario in which the conveyor’s chain tension is not monitored and adjusted as needed. This could create a potential problem. For this the answer is the Auto-Tensioner. This air-over-hydraulic automatic tension system provides consistent pressure to make sure that the chain is at its optimum tension. When it is time for manual intervention a notification will be sent to your main PLC.

tubular drag conveyor clean white background


As may be required by various plant equipment cleaning protocols, Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyors can be cleaned-in-place. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is that we can supply tubular drag conveyors which are CIP-ready, which is to say they are inclusive of all the features such as nozzles, supply valves, drain valves, isolation valves and connections necessary to integrate with an exciting CIP system. The second is a more comprehensive approach wherein Hapman also supplies the tanks, pumps, valves, and PLC controls.


Our in-house engineering team and panel shop supply standard configurations as well as custom packages for automation process optimization.

Performantee Shield

Proof of our unwavering confidence in our product and team.

Our Performantee is a 100% operational guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the performance of our equipment, and that it will achieve the specific results for which it was designed and manufactured. If not, we will revise or repair it to deliver the results we promised.

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