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Small bag dump station with an a5 bag compactor

Combination Unit

The perfect space-saving solution for businesses looking to optimize their production process. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this unit can be combined with Hapman Bag Dump Stations and Dust Collectors to maximize dust control and containment.

bag compactor access port on a small bag compactors

Bag disposal access ports

Bag disposal access ports allow you to insert bags directly into the compactors from the Bag Dump Stations for maximum dust control.

inside of a small bag compactor

Compaction Plate

Dual pneumatic rams compress empty bags down to an easy-to-manage 4 ft3 bundle.

small bag compactor with a a3 hapman bag

Removable containers and disposable plastic liners.

Designed to help save you time by making it easy to remove the contents from the compactor.

Small bag Compactor with a white side open

Air-operated system

The air-operated system makes the unit safe for explosion-proof or washdown areas and requires only 4.3 SCFM at 80 psi of compressed air per 10-second cycle.

Performantee Shield

Proof of our unwavering confidence in our product and team.

Our Performantee is a 100% operational guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the performance of our equipment, and that it will achieve the specific results for which it was designed and manufactured. If not, we will revise or repair it to deliver the results we promised.

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