Partner With Hapman to Find the Best Way to Handle Your Material.

From food processing to chemical manufacturing, mining and power generation, Hapman has engineered solutions for more than 12,000 applications worldwide.

Chemical & Pharma Industries

Finding new and better ways to handle chemicals safely and efficiently keeps Hapman generating fresh ideas. Innovative conveyor designs move singular and blended ingredients without degradation or segregation.

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Food Industry

We understand the critical nature of your food quality and safety, your company’s reputation, and your bottom line. There can be no contamination. No clouds of dust. The ingredients must flow to exactly where and when and in the amounts you need them.

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Polymers & Plastics Industry

Driving down material handling costs in this tight-margin industry helps to keep your company competitive. And at Hapman we have spent decades developing more efficient, more energy-saving, more cost-containing ways to move plastic pellets.

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Vivarium Research

The Vivarium industry is a unique operating environment requiring specifically designed equipment to meet space and cleanliness standards. Hapman’s industry knowledge and experience drive our product offering and component design for optimal efficiency and low-maintenance feed and bulk bedding management.

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Building Products Industry

From shingle gravel or sawdust, Hapman offers the engineering solutions that keep your building material handling systems running smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Mining & Minerals Processing Industry

Efficiency and equipment durability is key to improving your material handling processes for powdered or pulverized minerals and ores. Many companies in your industry find that the demanding characteristics of minerals really do not fit the design parameters of their conveying equipment.

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Power Generation Industry

The effective movement of coal, biomass feedstocks, and ash from boilers, stacks, and economizers requires equipment from material handling experts. You can trust our experience and quality to deliver equipment and systems for the operating demands of power generation.

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Wastewater Treatment Industry

We have worked with industrial users, small municipalities, and Wastewater Own-Operate-Maintain firms to design and build material handling equipment that automates the waste handling process and offers systems for dosing and slurry blending.

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Battery Material Handling

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow and mature, bulk material handling operations are recycling expired products like lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Hampan offers a range of durable equipment designed to enhance production efficiency while simplifying processes.

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