Increase Safety, Operating Efficiency, and Cost Savings.

Dust control and containment are a constant challenge for bulk material processors. Not controlling dust related to your material handling operations can cause problems ranging from higher operational costs and unexpected downtime to an increased risk of fire and explosion. In addition to keeping your plant clean and reducing plant risk, effective dust control also increases bulk material handling efficiency. Losing product to dust in the air that is eventually swept up or washed away costs you money. Your bulk material purchases are optimized when you capture and use all of the material in every bag, container, silo, or tank.

We understand the importance of effective dust control when handling your raw product during unloading, mixing, and packaging or bagging. That’s why we offer dust collection as an optional component on all of our applicable equipment.

In addition to adding dust control options to your equipment, we protect your investment and control dust with our three completely sealed conveyor designs. These conveyors will effectively transport your material while keeping dust, odors, and toxic or flammable product completely contained. Dust collectors, hoods, and custom glove box dump stations provide optimal industrial safety, cleanliness, and complete capture of material. Our feeding systems confine dust without the need for additional equipment, and our bag compactor provides a final step of dust control by eliminating dust during empty bag disposal.

Use Hapman as your resource for making effective dust containment an integral part of your material handling process. Need more information? Download a case study that shows how other industry users have overcome dust as a challenge and capitalized on efficiencies with our equipment. You can also request a material test that will allow us to demonstrate our effective handling of your specific material, or feel free to contact one of our applications experts for further details and assistance.