Expert analysis to provide the right equipment for your materials.

There are a number of factors that influence whether your material segregates as it moves through the process. Bulk material properties such as the size, shape, density, and moisture content of your ingredients; the speed of transfer; whether you convey mechanically or with air; the length and angle of the conveyor; even the presence of static electricity influence the stability of your blend. Identifying and controlling the factors that are separating your ingredients will make a difference to your bottom line.

Bulk Material Segregation Doesn’t Have to be Part of Your Process – We Can Help
With more than 10,000 global installations and solutions for handling more than 2,600 different powders and solids, our engineers have successfully solved thousands of bulk material segregation problems. From determining the correct size and shape of the hoppers and bags that hold your ingredients, to controlling portions for the feeder, to specifying the angle and length of the conveyor, we know how to keep your powders or bulk solids in the same composition from the beginning of your process to the end.

Read about some of the equipment designs in the case studies. Then contact us today and challenge us to eliminate your bulk material segregation problems. We will conduct a material analysis in our full-scale test lab to determine the right equipment to deliver the performance results you need. The Hapman Performantee®, our 100% operational guarantee, gives you the assurance that you have selected the right partner to help keep your business moving.