Turn Batching Challenges Into a Competitive Advantage.

Handling small-volume dry material effectively, cleaning equipment and components thoroughly, and minimizing downtime between operations are the common profit-killing hurdles batch processors face.

But at Hapman, our innovative equipment design and extensive knowledge in the industry have put us in a unique position to help turn the traditional batching and material handling process into a more profitable part of your business. We engineer solutions that help you streamline systems and boost cost savings. We provide the equipment to help you transport hard-to-move material and upgrade crowded systems where space is a limited resource.

If you need to meter-feed heavy loads of free-flowing or sluggish bulk solids, like granules and powders, our PosiPortion™ feeders can help you move material more precisely and efficiently. If natural agglomerations are impacting your product during storage or shipping, Hapman’s LumpMaster® lump breaker can reduce lumps so material can be effectively handled by downstream conveyors. In situations where ease of maneuvering is required, the Hapman Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor has proven to be effective in conveying a wide variety of food products and free- and non-free-flowing materials such as powders, crystals, pellets, friable material, flakes, granules and more.

Contact us to learn more about how Hapman can partner with you to solve your batching challenge or request a quote to get started on finding the right solution for your material handling process today.