Bulk Bag Unloaders

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Hapman’s Bulk Bag Unloaders are designed and built to maximize the efficiency of your Bulk Bag Unloading operation. The availability of multiple Models and Options ensures the right customization to meet your exact needs.

Angled front view of a Hapman bulk bag unloader


Hoist & Trolley

  • Heavy-duty square tubing frame construction.
  • 1-ton or 2-ton hoists & trolleys available.
  • Many options available for customizing to your specific application.
  • PE-certified structural design.
  • Load tested and certified bag adapters.


  • Heavy-duty square tubing frame construction.
  • Adjustable frame for accommodating bags of varying heights.
  • Stops on the top of the frame so the forklift driver knows that the bag is securely in place.
  • Many options available for customizing to your specific application.
  • PE-Certified structural design.

Low Profile

  • Designed for lower headroom applications.
  • Patent-pending slide rail design provides for putting the bag in place from the front.
  • Heavy-duty square tubing frame construction.
  • Many options available for customizing to your specific application.

Portable Base

  • Provides flexibility in use for multiple process locations.
  • Heavy-duty square tubing frame construction.
  • Heavy-duty locking wheels.


  • Heavy-duty square tubing frame construction.
  • Four (4) load cells added to the frame to measure LIW.
  • PE-certified structural design.


Multiple Styles of Bag Spout Access Available

Access Chamber for untying the bag spout.

PosiClamp Spout Clamping System provides a dust-free seal.

Integral Access Chamber-Dust Collector

Integral Access Chamber/Dust Collector for when optimum dust collection is required. The integral dust collection system, with reverse pulse cleaning, keeps materials in your product stream instead of removing them to a remote collector.

Combo – Spout Access/Bag Dump/Dust Collection. For those applications where it is also necessary to input minor ingredients into the process.

Bag Cinching Devices

Image of an iris valve by Hapman

Iris valve. To keep the spout closed while untying. Not recommended to close the spout when full of material.

Pneumatic Pinch Valve. If the bag spout needs to be closed while material is still in the bag, the Pneumatic Pinch Valve is recommended.

Material Flow Enhancers

Close-up image of a bulk bag unloader from Hapman for blog post

Agitation Paddles. Pneumatically operated.

Side Puncher Paddles. Pneumatically operated.

Vibrating Discharge Pan

Vibrating Discharge Pan.

Hydraulic Bag Conditioner – for breaking up hardened material in the bag.

Bag Splitting Hopper. For single-use bags.

Enclosure. Totally enclose your Bulk Bag Unloader.

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