The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Liquid/Solid Mixing

Revolutionize your liquid stream with ease. Whether it’s manual loading, metering from bulk bags, or metering from silos, we have you covered. At the core of the system is a superior washdown eductor, meticulously designed for optimal liquid consumption, suction capacity, and discharge pressure. While water is commonly used as the motive liquid, our system can handle alcohol, oil, and other fluids as well.

Key Features

Innovative Wetting Cone Design

Solidquid™ boasts an unparalleled wetting cone system that expertly meters powder into the mixing chamber. Its self-cleaning mechanism ensures that materials never cling to the sides of the hopper—guaranteed consistency in every cycle.

Advanced Eductor Technology

At the heart of Solidquid™ lies a state-of-the-art eductor. The motive liquid stream charges through a converging nozzle at high velocity, creating a potent jet that exponentially increases mix efficiency.

Superior Slurry Formulation

With Solidquid™, the transition from powder to slurry is flawless. The meticulously designed system entrains materials, delivering a homogenous mix without lumps—unlocking new levels of discharge pressure consistency.


Liquid/Solid systems diagram

Slurry created with a Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor

This configuration can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here the Helix is feeding dry material into the inlet hopper of the PosiPortionTM Feeder. The feeder is metering the dry product into the wetting cone of the Solidquid system.

vertical diagram of a liquid/solid system

Solidquid slurry delivery system coupled with bulk handling and pre-processing components

Optimal efficiency is achieved in this system. The bulk material enters the delivery process through the use of an electrically operated Hoist and Trolley Bulk Bag Unloader. The material flow is enhanced with the optional pneumatic bag agitator, allowing the material to flow in a free form through the discharge valve and into a LumpMaster® Lump Breaker. Clumps in the material are broken down to ¾” size or less and delivered to the inlet hopper of the PosiPortion volumetric feeder. The feeder then meters the dry material into the Solidquid slurry delivery system. The vacuum created in the Solidquid system effectively blends the solid and liquid and moves the slurry downstream.

diagram of the liquid/solid systems

Slurry produced from major and minor Ingredients

For applications with multiple materials missing from the process.

Performantee Shield

Proof of our unwavering confidence in our product and team.

Our Performantee is a 100% operational guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the performance of our equipment, and that it will achieve the specific results for which it was designed and manufactured. If not, we will revise or repair it to deliver the results we promised.

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