food processing equipment

A fast growing, finished product food processor was using aeromechanical conveyors to convey product in their production operations for processing and prepackaging. Unfortunately, the aeromechanical conveyors caused serious problems in this application. First, the cables were continually fraying and breaking – putting small metallic fragments into their product, which caused a tremendous amount of product contamination and rejection. Secondly, the aeromechanical conveyors required constant maintenance because they consistently clogged and jammed – shutdowns became the norm.


This food processor replaced his aeromechanical conveyors with the Hapman Series “C” Tubular Drag Conveyors. The Hapman Series “C” Tubular Drag Conveyor which uses a high strength, stainless steel log chain. The chain is not susceptible to inherent cable system performance problems of flaking, fraying and breaking (leaving particles in the product).


The conveyors have been operating continuously 24 hours per day without any clogging, jamming, or shutdowns. The plant operations people are ecstatic. And, as for metal fragments in the end product – the problem has been eliminated. No rejected product, full 24 hour production without maintenance shutdowns and a complete return on investment within a few short months.