dust cloud plume

EPA standards required this company to feed Enviroblend® into their dust collection system at a precisely controlled rate of 30 pounds per hour so the emissions would be at an acceptable level. They also required a digital verification that the material was accurately discharging


Hapman used a bulk bag unloader with bag agitation to discharge the material into a feeder. The feeder meter-fed the Enviroblend into an eductor. A 4 HP Roton blower then conveyed the material into the bag house. The use of load cells and an IQ Plus® 510 Batch Indicator verified that the feeder was constantly discharging the material. The digital readout provided up to the second information and a low level sensor in the feeder would alarm them when the bag was empty.


This system provided the customer with a very accurate automated system. The only manpower required was the replacement of the bulk bag every 2½ days.