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Hapman Managed Maintenance Program

By tailoring the maintenance of your Hapman equipment to your unique situation and requirements, we can take an active role in helping you meet your efficiency and profit goals.

Advantages of the HMMP
  • Peace of mind – schedule prompting by Hapman with maintenance performed around your production schedule, not around unplanned equipment failures.
  • Prolongs the life of your Hapman equipment.
  • 10% reduction on service rates.
  • 10% discount on parts.
  • Improves machine uptime, reliability and performance.
  • Additional qualified manpower to reduce your internal maintenance workloads and costs.
  • Provides pre-planned maintenance around your production shutdowns.
  • Increased savings – less unplanned downtime.
  • OEM maintenance expertise and recommendations concerning equipment maintenance, improvements, and modifications.
  • Review of on-site Hapman parts inventory.
  • Job training as part of the periodic maintenance contract.
  • Extended equipment warranty available if purchased within 6 months of initial installation.
Four-Level Flexibility of the HMMP

The following areas describe the four levels of flexibility that can be built into the most cost-effective maintenance program for your plant.

Initial Inspection: This provides an inspection of Hapman supplied equipment on a one-time basis only. This step allows our Service Department to obtain a baseline of your Hapman equipment conditions, a review of the current equipment application, and an overview of your current maintenance practices and capacities. During this on-site inspection, our Service Professional will fully inspect your Hapman equipment and complete a maintenance survey.  Although it varies, we have found most systems can be thoroughly inspected in 4 to 8 hours while the equipment is off-line and the HMMP Survey requires approximately 30 minutes with the person responsible for the maintenance of your Hapman equipment.

As a result of this inspection, you will receive a detailed equipment report outlining any recommended maintenance and/or repair work necessary, an evaluation of your current maintenance program on your Hapman equipment and a recommended HMMP for your plant.  Other than the flat rate charge for this Initial Inspection, there is no obligation on your part to go forward with the HMMP that we may recommend as a result of the equipment evaluation.

Inspection Contract: This level of the HMMP covers the inspection of all Hapman supplied equipment at regular intervals.  Each inspection includes a current status report of the equipment and provides early warnings concerning wear and/or impending component failures.  These inspections are scheduled periodically based on your level of maintenance capacity and needs.  Generally, semi-annual inspections are adequate but, quarterly or annual inspections are sometimes more appropriate.

Shared Maintenance Contract: In addition to the items covered in a HMMP Inspection Contract, the Shared Maintenance Contract provides maintenance work with assistance from your maintenance staff. The work includes normal planned maintenance activities, but also major items and adjustments identified during inspection as requiring attention.  Because your maintenance personnel are working alongside a Hapman technician, your employees better learn the proper maintenance techniques for your equipment allowing you to assume more and more of the future maintenance as your capacity permits.

Full Maintenance Contract: The Full Maintenance Contract is identical to the Shared Maintenance Contract except that all of the required maintenance work is provided by HAPMAN personnel without assistance, releasing your maintenance personnel for other maintenance activities.

HMMP Investment

Because of the flexibility of the HMMP, Hapman can design a program to best fit your maintenance needs and your budget.  Although Hapman offers the Initial Inspection at a flat rate fee of $1,000.00 plus expenses. The price of the other levels of a HMMP designed specifically for your plant will vary depending on the size of your system, the frequency of maintenance required and the level of maintenance support available from your staff.

In addition to the service rate reduction, all parts supplied to plant locations covered by a HMMP will also be discounted 10% from list price.  This includes any parts supplied in conjunction with the HMMP contract or additional emergency parts that may be required from time to time.

For additional information regarding our HMMP or to schedule your initial inspection, please contact our Customer Service Department:

Phone: (800) 427-6260
Fax: (269) 349-2477
Email: service@hapman.com