Knowledge in Bulk - Material Handling Challenges, Equipment Insights, New Technology, and More

Hapman Expands Manufacturing Operations in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

Hapman a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and systems for processing bulk material, grows its manufacturing campus in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Hapman, KMC Global company, purchased existing manufacturing space and warehouse buildings across the street from the company’s....

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Small Dust Control Saves Big by Mitigating Risk

Dust control and risk mitigation go hand-in-hand for manufacturers who processes dry powders and other bulk materials.

NFPA 654 Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing, Processing, and Handling of Combustible Particulate Solid made changes to the code to help reduce the number of accidents associated with dusting in manufacturing....

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What is the functional difference between a Drag Chain and En-Masse Conveyor?

Efficient Operating Principle of Drag Chain

he principle operation of a drag conveyor is based on material movement using a skeletal chain and flight assembly that is drawn along the bottom section of an enclosed housing. ...

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Volumetric vs. Gravimetric Feeder Operation

How Much Control Is Achieved with Volumetric vs. Gravimetric Material Feeding?

There are two basic types of Feeder operation known as Volumetric and Gravimetric. Understanding the differences will help processors to select and implement the best type of equipment for their application needs...

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Valves for Flow Stoppage During Bulk Bag Discharge

Loading, unloading, conveying, or transferring bulk material often requires a temporary stoppage of flow or a containment of residual material. Choosing the right valve for the application depends on the requirements of the process, material characteristics, and potential for no-flow or static columns of material...

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Who are the Best Conveyor Manufacturers in the U.S.?

Each year we work with thousands of customers throughout the world to design and build equipment to meet their bulk material handling needs. During the proposal process, customers will often request a list of our primary competitors. This can be a difficult question for many. There is an underlying level of protectionism and discomfort when one is asked to admit alternatives exist and to provide them on a list for a customer. There is a fear the customer may ultimately purchase the material handling equipment from a competitor. We believe competition is healthy...

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How Much Does a Bulk Bag Unloader Cost

Bulk Bag Unloaders are basically frames used for supporting and unloading FIBC’s (Bulk Bags). In the process of properly and safely lifting and unloading the bulk bags there are many considerations which must be made. Exactly what options, features, and functional selections are made all contribute to the cost of the Bulk Bag Unloader...

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Influence of Material on the Performance of New Plant Systems

Studies show that start-up systems for material solids typically only hit 40% of stated production rate in the first year. This is a dramatic figure when considering the wide range of industries which process bulk solids. Food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, building materials, minerals processing, and others are challenged by the shear characteristics of the raw materials of the process...

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Maintenance Tips by Larry

As a maintenance technician and advisor I understand how difficult it is to keep up with the nuances of all types of equipment in your plant. The run-fail-run mode of operation is difficult to manage and even harder on company profitability. Read more to gain insight on the root causes of falling conveyor output and the recommended maintenance schedule for your mechanical conveyor.

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