mice bedding

A biotech lab needed an easy and dependable method to handle dirty animal bedding from cages.


A Hapman tubular drag conveyor with a specialized dump hopper. The cages are dumped upside-down into the specialized, ventilated dump station. The dumped dirty bedding falls into the tubular drag conveyor inlet, to be conveyed through the existing building and out to a waste collection compactor for disposal. The cage then moves, via powered rollers, into the washer and dryer. It is then refilled with new bedding and moved back to the lab. The conveyor was easily able to handle the lab animal bedding materials along with any miscellaneous items that found their way into the system.


The tubular drag conveyor proved to be a perfect material handling device for this application. It efficiently conveyed the lab animal bedding materials and its flexible circuit shape allowed it to fit through the existing building. It is also totally enclosed for safe handling of hazardous material disposal.