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Things to Consider When Buying a Food Conveyor System

The professionals at Hapman have decades of experience in manufacturing world-class processing and food handling conveying systems for many companies and industries. Hapman offers custom solutions to adhere to your specific needs.

At Hapman, we understand how important it is for the food industry to provide only the best products to its customers, free of contamination, clouds, and dust. The safety and quality of the food, not to mention your company’s reputation, is on the line.

That’s why Hapman offers custom food processing conveying equipment to address the needs of the food industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our complete material handling systems, don’t hesitate to contact Hapman today.

Why Choose Hapman for Food Handling and Processing Conveying Equipment?

When you choose Hapman for food conveyor systems, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your ingredients will flow where they need to and in the right amount. We understand that you have fragile products that can’t break, mixed ingredients that can’t separate, and abrasive granules that can’t tear up the conveyor.

We also understand that time is money, and with a food conveyor system from Hapman, you can count on equipment that is easy to disassemble, washdown, sanitize, and reassemble.

Hapman will design equipment for your specific application’s requirements and can even assist with complete material handling system layout. We offer the following: cleanability options, food-grade components, sealed conveyors, dust containment, automation through controls, minor ingredient addition, and much more

What to Look for in a Food Conveyor System

Custom Designed

Working with a custom-design manufacturer such as Hapman ensures you receive the system for your exact application. Don’t rely on a stock conveyor that won’t serve your specific needs.


The food industry is a demanding environment, and you need a material handling system that will hold up. Some food conveyor systems look good in person, but they tend to break down prematurely, costing your company valuable time and money. That’s why we recommend working with a reputable manufacturer such as Hapman, which has been building custom food conveyor systems for decades.

Low Maintenance

When you’re in the market for a new food conveyor system, look for one that requires little maintenance and easy access to parts that may need to be repaired or maintained. The less time you spend on maintenance and repairs, the more output you’ll get from the system.


As with all types of equipment, you need to provide a safe environment for your employees to operate in. Talk with the manufacturer about safety features that are added to the system, such as shut-off switches and guards.

Sanitary Design

It’s of the utmost importance in the food industry to only work with equipment that is designed to be sanitary. Check that the conveyor system is constructed with stainless steel and is easy to clean and wash down. Make sure the company has experience working in the food processing industry and check reviews from customers.


Food processing conveyor systems can be expensive, so you want to get as many years as possible of them. Only purchase food handling equipment from a reputable manufacturer which has extensive experience building these types of systems. 

Trust Hapman for Your Food Handling and Processing Needs

Hapman has experience in the following applications:

  • Grain products
  • Snack products
  • Bakery products
  • Dairy products
  • Preserved fruits and vegetables
  • Sugar and confectionery products
  • Coffee/tea
  • Miscellaneous foods and kindred products
  • And more

Our material handling equipment handles everything from unloading, to processing, to packaging.

  • Addition of major ingredients into the process (batch weigh system)
  • Gain-in-weight batching (GIW)
  • Loss-in-weight batching (LIW)
  • Minor ingredient addition
  • Rail and truck unloading
  • Pneumatic conveying to silo
  • Batching of major and minor premixes
  • Continuous mixing (LIW feeding and dense phase vacuum conveying)
  • Vacuum conveying
  • Extrusion via loss-in-weight powder and liquid feeding

Contact Hapman Today

For custom food handling and processing equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hapman today. We’ll develop a tailored conveyor system to meet all of your company’s application needs and to keep your process moving fast and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more.