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The Complete Guide to Buying Bulk Bag Fillers

At Hapman, we understand that filling bulk bags can be a challenging task. Filling them by hand is too time-consuming and can lead to spills, resulting in lost production. You need automated machines that can help you work fast and efficiently.

That’s where Hapman’s line of bulk bag filling equipment comes in. We guarantee to have a bulk bag filler that matches your specific application, capacity needs, as well as your budget. We can customize your bulk bag filler to meet your company’s exact needs.

Keep reading to learn more about our innovative bulk bag configurations, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or to place an order.

Types of Bulk Bag Fillers

Our two lines of bulk bag fillers, the NT Series Filler and the Heavy-Duty Series Filler, are both great choices depending on your application needs, providing dust-tight filling while saving you time with an efficient filling cycle. They provide ergonomically safe bag placement and unloading, while improving storage and shipping with consistent, stackable bags.

Both types of bulk bag fillers are constructed with cantilevered heavy-duty steel tubing and offer fixed or adjustable height availability and three-sided access for ease of accessibility.

HD Series

The heavy-duty series has its name for a reason! These bulk bag fillers can handle unlimited bag sizes of up to 2 tons of total weight. They offer an inflatable bladder for maximum dust control during bulk bag filling and offer forward-traversing, self-locking hooks for easily securing bag loops from the front.

NT Series

The NT Series is our smaller option and comes with a simplified design, making them a more cost-effective solution. These bulk bag fillers can still handle unlimited bag sizes of up to 1 ton of total weight.

Available Options for Hapman’s Bulk Bag Fillers

Hapman’s bulk bag fillers can be customized for whatever your particular application is. Some of our available options include stainless steel or carbon steel and the availability of batch weight control systems.

Some of our other available options include:

  • Load cells allow you to fill the bulk bags more accurately.
  • Fill bags evenly and completely with the vibration table.
  • Motorized height adjustment improves stackability and safeguards operators.
  • The bag pre-inflator and de-aerator maximizes bag capacity and improves the stackability of filled bags.
  • Powered and gravity rollover conveyors increase productivity for continuous applications.
  • The hang weighing system fills bulk bags more precisely and requires no recalibration when moved to a different location.
  • Traversing and quick-releasing rear-hook assemblies protect operator safety by allowing for easy attachment of the bag spout and loops.

Contact Hapman for Bulk Bag Fillers

No matter the type of bulk bag fillers your company needs, Hapman has a solution. We will work with you to determine what your needed capacity is and the amount of room you have in your facility. Contact Hapman today for more information or to request a quote.