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What Is a Clean-In-Place (CIP) System?

Clean-In-Place systems, or CIP as it’s referred to in the industry, is a process by which the qualified equipment manufacturer you select provides a simple, reliable system designed to produce an instantaneous and homogeneously blended CIP solution with state-of-the-art chemical detection and process control technology.

Complete Clean-In-Place Design

CIP chemicals are delivered at target strength without the need for long “getting up to strength” times. Advanced instrumentation ensures that target chemical concentrations are within spec and changeover times are much faster than other systems. The CIP system consists of tanks, measuring and dosing devices. The basic systems are single use systems utilizing a single tank. Multiple tank systems are also available based upon your analysis of specific requirements.

Who to Select for Clean-In-Place Design?

While there are some equipment manufacturers who can provide CIP systems, you want to make sure to choose a reputable company that can custom tailor the CIP system to your needs. Hapman is one of those companies.

Hapman’s Clean-In-Place system is available in many custom design configurations depending on your CIP needs. The system is also designed to integrate with any Hapman processing system to provide rapid product changeovers and effective, efficient CIP processes. The system may even be able to make use of several of the components already included with your blending or processing equipment such as tanks, valves, pumps and many instruments. The multi-use of these components reduces equipment costs while increasing your overall value.

Save Your Business Time, Energy and Money

Hapman’s CIP helps reduce the size of the loop and reduces CIP times (by up to 50%), thereby significantly reducing chemical usage, water usage and energy consumption. Since many processors have to change over more frequently than ever before, Hapman’s CIP added to your equipment represents a true opportunity for you to potentially save water, chemicals, energy, time and money. For more information about our CIP systems and to learn how to use a CIP system to keep your manufacturing equipment clean, contact Hapman today.